Our members are individuals from cross industries throughout Indonesia comprised into 3 categories*:
  • Full Membership, is designed for the IT decision maker in the company. For example: Chief Information/Technology/Digital Officer, IT Director, GM IT or similar positions. (membership is not eligible for IT solutions provider/system integrator/vendor, etc)
  • Honorary Membership, is designed for the executive level that put trust and support in IT development. For example: Chief Executive/Operating/Financial Officer and other CxO levels.
  • Limited Membership, is designed for roles are none of above but have importance, desires and goals in IT. For example: Professors, IT experts, and non IT leaders.

 *Disclaimer: membership type may change following members new job and/or position of their career.

 *Member Qualifications: membership is exclusive to the Indonesian holding a current CIO, CDO, CISO or equivalent executive role with functional responsibility for ICT Leadership, reporting to a CEO, President, Country/line of business head.

Still not sure if you are qualify for membership? Use our check list below:

  • The organization doesn’t sell IT product or solutions to CIO, CDO, CSO or equivalent executive role in ICT
  • Member had at least 3 years experience of Leading ICT Team and the total annual ICT budget (people and funds) exceeds  $1 Billion and annual revenue min. Rp 1 Trillion.

Take advantage of the unique combination of online and in-person discussions and collaboration your peers are already engaging in. The more you participate and the more involved you become, the more you will benefit - forming deeper relationships and gaining trusted resources and knowledge.

As a member of iCIO Community, you will get opportunity to join:

  • iCIO Awards - Prestigious Annual Award for Indonesia CIOs.
  • iCIO Contribute - Guest Lecturer at Top Universities in Indonesia as a self-actualization.
  • iCIO Exchange -  As an industry benchmark, member will have opportunity to learn IT implementation & business process in other industries.
  • iCIO Gathering - Exclusive informal event for member to enjoy a refreshing moment and deeper relations among members
  • iCIO Insight - Research for IT & Business Initiative, IT Budgeting & Vendor Supports
  • iCIO Luncheon - As part of iCIO Awards, member will get a VIP access to have interactive discussion with iCIO Awards winners and enjoy executive networking. 
  • iCIO Magz - A quarterly in-house magazine to know all updates, activities and coverage in iCIO Community, technology, business, economics and/or regulation.
  • iCIO Talk - An exclusive interview for member to share knowledge, expertise and opinion to be published in iCIO Magz and social media.
  • iCIO Chat - Podcast that boasts fun, entertain, and informative conversations about the definition of CIO, etc.
  • Advocacy - Provide and Review The Update Information Regarding IT Regulation in Indonesia.
  • Forum Discussion - C-Level Conference, Leadership Forum & FGD.
  • International Events - IT Events Cross Countries
  • and other interesting programs based on request and/or invitation. 

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