BGR Logistics Transforming into a Digital Logistic Company


In a recent press release, BGR Logistics President Director M. Kuncoro Wibowo said that BGR Logistics had been positioning itself as a digital logistics company in line with some digital innovation to strengthen business position.

Some digital innovation this company has been deploying included warehouse integrated application (WINA) and fleet integrated and order monitoring application (FIONA).

And in responding the increasing of logistics business in retail market, BGR has also developed an application platform named BGR Access. This application will help community to sell out or discharge used goods or second hand goods.

“This application is also developed to discharge the used cooking oil and used lubricants. We call this as reverse logistics,” Kuncoro said in the press release, on Wednesday (March 11).

This BGR Access platform will also be developed to help government logistics in food sovereignty. BGR is also eyeing a collaboration with the related stakeholders and state-owned enterprises in food cluster.

He expects that the BGR steps in doing digital innovations will give contribution and benefits to the community.

“We hope our digital innovation in logistic industry will get support, while on the other hand this will give benefits to the community,” he said.

Of this innovation Kuncoro was awarded as ‘The Most Inspiring CEO’ from iCIO Award 2020.

Source : Indoshippinggazette