The pace of IT and data is moving exponentially


Why will a CIO be such a crucial part of future business?

In 2008 alone, humans created more data than all the years of human history…combined. With growths in data creation comes a rapid increase in network speeds. In the past 40 years, network speeds have increased 179,000 times. Not only is there more data to consume, but it can also be accessed quicker and easier than ever before.

Employees believe they should be empowered to tap into these networks of data. In fact, two-thirds of employees believe they should be able to have access to information using company issued devices at anytime and from any location. With these remote access points at their fingertips, 60% of employees believe they don’t even require an office to be effective.

By 2015, tools and automation will eliminate 25% of IT labor hours. Data will continue to increase and the rate at which it’s accessed will continue to rise. In the middle of it all will be the CIO, keeping a thumb on the pulse of information and steering companies in the direction they need to move.

Do you have a CIO to keep everything together?

Source : Cisco