Jeffrey Tjahja Indra

Senior Vice President
Corporate Shared Services - PT Pertamina (Persero)

The Most Innovative CIO 2016

Born in Rantau, North Sumatra 51 years ago, a man with a calm demeanor ever had a career in the mineral water companies in Sukabumi after his graduation. Jeffrey was graduated in 1988 from the Department of Mechanical Engineering from Trisakti University. He took his Father advice to work into Pertamina, and started his career in 1990 with a Bachelor of Professional Guidance program (BPS). At that time Jeffrey was assigned to Balikpapan for Electronic Data Management (PDE) with the main task to support computerized maintenance program refinery, formerly known as Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), a type of ERP system at this time.

Having served for seven years in Balikpapan, in 1998, Jeffrey had the opportunity to continue his academic journey at ITB Department of Electrical Engineering and graduated with his Master's degree with cum laude predicate in 2000. His involvement in ERP System Implementation Project to bring peace to the Central Office, the transforming Pertamina in 2008 and CSS organizational transformation, he held the position of VP of iT Operations, until today he become the Senior Vice President CSS. Jeffrey officially confirmed as the Senior Vice President (SVP) Corporate Shared Services (CSS) on December 9, 2013.

IT used to be only a support in the management of financial and payroll data, but now the IT function cannot be separated from the business given the complexity of the business at Pertamina and the high role of IT in support of the target - the target business of Pertamina. Similarly, the career opportunities in the IT function, when the first top job is limited to Manager but this time can be up to SVP. An improved career opportunity is not easy but must go through the verification work that adds value to the company. So, the company gives credence to increase the level of office of the Manager to VP and then from VP to SVP at the end of 2013.

He claimed he was a typical male worker, who would rather spend his time with work. For him, the time available must be used to work hard, show up on time in the morning and stays late has become the habits since a career in Pertamina. Raised in a metropolitan environment is quite thick, the man who spent his childhood in Jakarta, said that a career in Pertamina has provided a lot of changes and adjustments for himself. To fill his spare time, Jeffrey likes reading and listening to jazz. He also likes to watch movies hits during his youth and his favorite memorable boxing matches on Youtube.


Abdus Somad Arief

Director Network, IT & Solution
PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero)

The Most Influential CIO 2016

Before re-joining PT Telkom in the end of year 2014 as Director Network, IT & Solution (Group CTO/CIO), Abdus Somad Arief or familiarly called ASA, has served in various key positions in Telkom Group, including as Director of Network PT Telkomsel (2012-2014), Executive General Manager of the Enterprise Service Division (2009-2012), Vice President of Business Development – Enterprise & Wholesale Directorate (2008-2009) and Deputy Executive General Manager of the Enterprise Service Division (2007-2008).

In addition, he has served at several Telkom Group Boards of Commissioners, from 2011 to 2012 as the Chairman (President Commissioner) of PT PramindoIkat Nusantara and from 2010-2011 as Commissioner of PT Infomedia Nusantara. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering (1988) and a Master’s Degree in Information Systems and Technology (2000), both from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).

He has also participated in a number of Executive and Leadership Courses, among others, Competition Strategy in the Telecommunications Industry, University of Sydney, Australia (2002), Leadership and Action, University of Michigan, USA, (2008) and Leading Innovation, Massachusetts institute of Technology, USA, (2009).


Theresia Tristini

Head of IT
Commonwealth Bank

The Most Intelligent CIO 2016

Theresia Tristini begins her career after graduated from Electrical Engineering major. She said that “Passion” is the reason that brings her to pursue a career in IT world. For 21 years, she wrestles in financial services ranging from local companies, regional until global banks. Hard work and her perseverance as user support lead her to be IT head on Commonwealth Bank.

Work as global IT Head at the bank, she then need to give the support not only for business services in Indonesia but also for other countries. Theresia believe that people, culture, and working environment are the keys to build a successful IT team. Working Environment must then support innovation, collaboration, and provide opportunities, and challenges so it may develop the people amazingly.